Broken Hearts Inc. - In A Moment b/w Freedom Is A Lonely Ride (KIM-009)

Broken Hearts Inc. - In A Moment b/w Freedom Is A Lonely Ride (KIM-009)

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Broken Hearts Inc. are back and more bitter than ever.  It may be true that time heals all, but thankfully for us in the four years since their first single, the boys are still unsatisfied in love and therefore have the brooding ballads and heartsick soul music to follow the precedent they’ve set.  

With both sides of this record being so strong, In A Moment won the A side position simply by a coin flip.  Latin flavored percussion and warm Hammond tone help to soften the sober lyrics of being blindsided by withdrawn love.   Musically, it’s great crossover soul that effortlessly phases between mid-tempo and dance-tempo while giving a nod to War at their smoothest.  

On the other side, the boys venerate doo wop oldies with Freedom Is a Lonely Ride.  Now I get that guys in the cold north of Canada might not have an authentic tie to doo wop tradition… but hell, if Pete Wingfield in rainy old England can make a hit at it, you can’t blame Broken Hearts Inc. for trying it too, can you?  A strolling bassline accompanies radiant harmonies and a striking falsetto lead by Freddy that mourns a failed relationship, thinly dressed in a car-culture metaphor.     

It feels really good to put out this record, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Broken Hearts Inc. have many more songs written and are contemplating their next move.  Perhaps a handful more singles, perhaps an LP…   How ever the future plays out, we’re excited to watch where BHI go!